Why Choose Us?

Our client testimonials demonstrate the quality and level of service we give to our clients. You can rest assured that by choosing us as your trusted partner, your business will survive and thrive at each stage of the business life cycle.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

We are ideally positioned to serve your needs. In short, choosing o’donnell+co means that:

  • We will deal with time-consuming day-to-day accounting and payroll tasks. Consequently, you can focus on making the right decisions to develop your business;
  • You can reduce overheads and free up resources through our outsourced accounting solutions such as Monthly Management Accounts, Interim Management and Payroll Services. In cost comparisons, research demonstrates that outsourced services are much more cost effective than employing staff. Furthermore, they have the added benefit of eliminating many of the issues relating to employment law;
  • You will gain access swiftly to specialised financial and business advice. In the long run, this will cut overheads by reducing the time and costs required for training and staff development;
  • We will provide timely reports and critical information which aid the strategic decision-making process. The ability to identify problem areas and devise a programme of preventative counter-measures can often mean the difference between mere survival and profitability; and
  • You will have a highly personalised service that is tailor-made to meet your exact business needs. A service that is specific to the unique set of challenges faced by your business.

So whether you wish to focus on restructuring your business, sustaining current achievements or building for tomorrow’s growth, having the right partner at your side can make all the difference. We are here to offer objective, independent advice and fresh insights with a view to creating a solid platform for the growth of your business. Still undecided? Why not arrange a consultation to find out why you should choose us?