Outsourced Payroll Dublin, Limerick, Ireland

o’donnell+co offers expert, confidential, and cost-effective outsourced payroll services for companies in Limerick, Dublin and across Ireland. With experience across a range of sectors, we focus specifically on the needs of your business and can scale our payroll services to suit startups, SMEs, and large enterprises:

outsourced payroll services for start-up

Startup Payroll

Save yourself time and money from the start, whatever the size of your team. Outsourcing payroll will enable you to hit the ground running when you don’t have the staff to dedicate to a payroll function. Our expert payroll team provides a professional, cost-effective service.

outsourced payroll services for SMEs

SME Payroll

There is a misconception that payroll bureau services are expensive and best suited to large companies.  Although one of the great challenges for SMEs is managing growth, our SME payroll service will drive efficiency because we have the flexibility to meet the growing demands of your company.

outsourced payroll services for multinationals

Multinational Payroll

Large enterprises and multinationals require highly efficient, streamlined payroll services. o’donnell+co’s IPASS qualified team understands the demands of large company payrolls and offers specialist support to multinational companies entering the Irish market.

Accuracy, Confidentiality & Compliance

Outsourced payroll services are arguably one of the best routes to maximising productivity for many companies. Moreover, payroll is also one of the easiest accounting functions to outsource to specialist payroll providers. Why not contact us today to find out how our expert team can help you save time and money with payroll administration?

Get Ahead of the Curve

With Outsourced Payroll

Fed up dealing with time-consuming payroll and Revenue issues? Take the stress out of your life and outsource to our expert payroll team at o’donnell+co!

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Flexible Outsourced Payroll Services

We work closely with each of our clients to create flexible, bespoke payroll solutions. Our payroll process typically includes everything from the preparation of payrolls (weekly, fortnightly and monthly as required) to proactive advice and expertise on employee taxation and PAYE ensuring that clients meet their reporting obligations to Revenue. Our service ensures that your payroll functions smoothly without the worry of incurring costly penalties related to payroll errors. In short, managed payroll solutions that work for you.

We provide a complete outsourced payroll service whereby we:

  1. process the payroll on your behalf, based on data received from you e.g. if there are unusual/one-time payments in a particular pay period;
  2. process deductions such as pension and send the relevant reports to the Pension company;
  3. prepare the normal gross-to-net reports, company cost reports, holiday pay reports, and so on;
  4. create the bank file for payments (for some clients we have access to their bank and upload the payment file for either payment or client authorisation to pay);
  5. interact with Revenue and complete all necessary Revenue compliance on an ongoing basis; and
  6. email secure, password-protected payslips to employees.

Payroll Service Testimonial

“Excellent Payroll Service”

O’Donnells gave us an excellent payroll service and responded very well when we set up our operation in Ireland. They are always available and I have no issue with recommending them. (Group Financial Controller, Medical Staff Agency)

satisfied payroll client gives 5 stars

Secure Outsourced Payroll: Systems Security

We have implemented clear internal policies and methodologies for the handling of sensitive information and payroll data collected from client company employees – all staff are fully trained in this area to avoid data security breaches and ensure confidentiality. Furthermore, we continuously update and monitor our accounting software and payroll software systems to ensure that all data is fully secure.

Our Payroll Skills:

Our payroll team is highly experienced in payroll management and qualified to (IPASS) diploma and certificate levels. IPASS (the Irish Payroll Association) qualifications ensure that payroll staff are fully trained in the areas of PAYE, PRSI, USC & LPT as well as keeping up to date with changing employment and taxation legislation in relation to employers and employees.

Client Payroll Testimonial

“I can genuinely recommend o’donnell+co chartered accountants for their payroll service.  Bryan and his team are accommodating, courteous and helpful at all times and have helped with many difficult and complex situations….”

Outsourced Payroll Services - Client Satisfaction

Errors in payroll processing can have far-reaching consequences and can negatively impact staff morale. Therefore, it is crucial to get it right. If you are deliberating over whether to outsource payroll services, you may find it helpful to view our handy pdf “6 Benefits of Outsourced Payroll“. It illustrates how outsourcing can contribute to your growth and success while giving you peace of mind.

Reasons to choose o’donnell+co:

  • Our payroll team is qualified to (IPASS) certificate and diploma levels and receives continuous upskilling to stay ahead of payroll and legislation changes;
  • You can rest assured that your most sensitive and important information, subject to our strict internal controls, is in safe hands;
  • We strive to offer you value for money coupled with service that is second to none;
  • Our outsourced payroll service will free up valuable time and resources for your internal accounting team to focus on the day-to-day accounting requirements;
  • Confidentiality of salary information paid to staff, and in particular, senior management; and
  • Accurate reporting and payroll compliance.

Our mission is to provide outsourced payroll services that are designed specifically for your business and have the ability to grow as your company grows.  In conclusion, a payroll solution that works best for you. 

For more information on how our payroll services can benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat and a quote.