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Business Advisory

Business Advisory Services from Chartered Accountants

We offer a wide range of Business Advisory Services to medium-sized enterprises, owner-managed businesses, private clients, international companies operating in Ireland and Irish companies located overseas.

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Financial Reviews by Chartered Accountants

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out just exactly how to get your company back on track – in difficult situations, contacting a specialist can make the difference between preparing for bankruptcy or liquidation and reorienting your business to ensure its financial survival. It goes without saying that the earlier you seek advice, the better the prospects of constructing a plan to ensure the survival of the business.

As part of our remit, we provide strategic advice on financing, implement reviews of capital structure, assess available sources of finance and provide detailed financial modelling and credit assessment. Our first point of action is usually an objective assessment of your business in order to identify problems or under-performing areas. We then devise solutions to promote the survival of the business. If this is not a viable option, we will advise you on the most appropriate course of action to ensure directors comply with their statutory duties.

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Business Planning & Financial Projections from Chartered Accountants

Growth is a necessary survival tool of every company. Very often it is a challenging and painful process. This is where o’donnell+co can work alongside clients, providing practical, insightful and timely advice. And this is where our expertise in Business Planning and Financial Projections is crucial to your success because decisions made now may have far-reaching consequences – wrong information or lack of market understanding will undoubtedly result in bad decisions leading to poor future performance.

Our experience and our commitment to understanding our clients’ businesses enable us to devise Business Plans and Financial Projections which meet the short and long-term objectives of the company.

Business plans and financial projections provide an essential route map to management, helping to clarify their vision and objectives and giving them a clear understanding of strategy and tactics to be employed along the way.

Insolvency Matters from Chartered Accountants

In the fast-paced, kaleidoscopic landscape that is the 21st century business environment, many companies can find themselves under intense pressure. This pressure is not just financial – a constantly evolving society means that companies have to deal with ever-changing technology, changing customers and competitors, changing legal and tax issues. Failure to keep up with all these changes can trigger a host of problems from underperformance to declining revenue and cashflow blockages to the worst case scenario of insolvency.

Our first priority is to focus on prevention and recovery – our corporate work ethic requires that we try to identify and avoid such outcomes well in advance through planning and thorough risk assessment techniques, implementation of plans and guidance to our clients to help them tackle the challenges ahead. However, in the more extreme cases where the demise of a business does occur, our team combines an in-depth understanding of complex insolvency issues with practical, hands-on advice on restructuring and refinancing. We also advise and assist on other insolvency related matters such as dealing with liquidators, receivers, restructuring debt and acquisition of assets from liquidators or receivers.

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