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We can look after all your accounting requirements, payroll processing and compliance with recurring VAT & Payroll taxes. We also assist clients with any dealings they may have with their bank – such as preparing financial projections for the purposes of raising new finance and/or extending existing bank facilities

This would normally be the place of business for the company however, we also offer this service should you wish to avail of it.

That’s quite normal; when we quote for new business we recognise this and agree a fee level for say the first three months after which we will discuss the job requirements with you and agree a revised fee for the ongoing work. It is our wish to establish long lasting relationships with our clients and therefore we price our services such that you will have certainty on costings and budgets for a period of time.

Yes! Most of our clients ask us to do this on their behalf and we will prepare the information for Vat and Payroll taxes returns for your approval to file and pay – using Revenue’s online system.

That’s a very good question and there is no accurate answer! Our fees are determined by the level of work required to fulfil your requirements. Every client is different – some may have a high volume of transactions while other clients may have just a few transactions a month. We would have to meet with you or, if you are overseas, speak with you to gauge the likely level of work required by us. Based on those discussions we will agree a fee estimate for say, the first three months after which we would review the work and likely ongoing fees for that work. It is normal that in the first couple of months some extra work is undertaken to transition the work to us.